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Over 25 years of digital x-ray experience

Fujifilm invented computed radiography (CR) more than twenty-five years ago. With more than seventy-five years of imaging and clinical expertise in film and thousands of systems installed, Fujifilm is a leading provider of digital x-ray systems. Whether you make the easy transition to DR, now or later, by adding one FDR D-EVO detector or an entire FDR D-EVO Suite, you will be supported by the experience, reliability and competitive edge that only Fujifilm can offer. Fujifilm offers a complete line up of award-winning single- and multi-plate CR readers to match any workflow demand and budget.


Big on power. Big on image quality. Small in size.

Ideal for fast-paced imaging departments, the FCR XL-2 can process up to 94 images per hour without sacrificing Fujifilm's exceptional diagnostic image quality. The FCR XL-2 features a standard resolution of an impressive 100µm and has the ability to produce even higher resolution images: 50µm scans for 18x24cm and 24x30cm sizes are ideal for any exam where seeing in fine detail at low doses is critical. The FCR XL-2 fits in any exam room or remote office, with a height of only 32" and a footprint of less than 2.5 square feet. With heavy-duty throughput and impressive image quality, the FCR XL-2 has and does it all from anywhere.

FCR Prima-T2

Fujifilm's top-of-the-line tabletop

The Prima-T2 is a compact tabletop CR reader that provides small practices with hospital-grade digital x-ray in a small, affordable package. At just 86 pounds with a footprint of only 3.2 square feet, it is one of the smallest tabletop CR systems available. An exceptional combination of price, speed and image quality, the Prima-T2's throughput ranges from a rapid 47 to a remarkable 72 images per hour, depending on the cassette size. The resulting 100µm images provide excellent resolution and detail, and Fujifilm's advanced processing technology ensures exceptional first-up images.

Ingenuity made easy

Unique features that increase efficiency and allow for more thorough analysis include:

  • Auto Stitching (option) enables display of the entire spine or lower extremities on a single long view image. FCR is still the easiest method for acquiring long length images, since it only requires one exposure and produces outstanding seamless results, minimizing errors and enhancing workflow for technologists.
  • Auto Trimming sends a full size image of off-center positioned exams to your display.
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Use any FDR D-EVO detector

Upgrade to DR image quality

Fujifilm's FDR D-EVO digital detectors offer a cost-effective upgrade path to digital radiography.

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