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Automated Long Length Stitching

Fast, easy, synchronized detector and tube movements capture multiple rapid exposures for one long length image.

  • Full length image capture in as little as 20 seconds
  • Length: up to 71" at upright and 31.5" supine on table

Fujifilm innovations bring these images to even higher diagnostic visibility with:

  • Motion correction: recognizes and compensates for minor patient movement between exposures
  • Gradation processing: adjusts for changes in density and contrast to display a seamless transition from one image to the next

Linear Tomography (included standard)

FDR AcSelerate features a linear tomography function that utilizes the automated positioning capability to capture multiple image slices. AcSelerate's linear tomography provides:

  • A more 3D view than a single x-ray image
  • Lower x-ray exposure than conventional CT scan
  • Multiple captures at varying angles, from 5-40° with cut lines of 0-10"
  • Tube arc and detector move together
  • Provides visualization of fine line fractures, head and neck trauma, lung screening, orthopedics

Dual Energy Subtraction (option)

FDR AcSelerate uses dual energy subtraction (DES), an advanced radiographic technology that removes anatomical structures of high and low x-ray absorption, such as soft tissue or bone, which along with other underlying and/or overlying structures can obscure suspected pathology.

The DES process captures two images at different x-ray energy levels, then subjects them to 'subtraction processing' to produce three resulting images: traditional, bone only, and soft tissue only views. DES enhances differentiation between bone and soft tissue structures to help better visualize suspect areas.

Fujifilm's innovative approach to dual energy subtraction further enhances diagnostic visibility with three advanced processing algorithms:

  1. Multi-Stage Registration, or MSR, which intelligently corrects and compensates for patient motion, such as: breathing and heart beat artifacts which are typically characteristic of dual energy subtraction
  2. Patient Thickness Compensation, which recognizes high density anatomy to optimize and clarify over- or under-penetrated areas of the entire image
  3. Advanced Noise Reduction, which selectively suppresses noise at multiple frequency levels without losing sharpness

Fujifilm AcSelerate's DES delivers enhanced diagnostic detail, making it an innovative new standard of care for routine chest exams in today's changing healthcare environment, as well as offering an effective assessment and follow-up tool to help rule out the need for other, more dose-intensive and higher cost exams such as CT.

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Digital Tomosynthesis (option)

AcSelerate 3D enhanced imaging technology, digital tomosynthesis is an advanced radiography application that produces multiple tomographic slices from a single sweep of the x-ray tube. Through reconstruction of the cross section areas of interest, digital tomosynthesis therefore provides radiologists added dimension of image "depth." Images can be displayed on a PACS workstation in a cine mode or frame by frame.

AcSelerate's digital tomosynthesis (DTS) captures up to 60 rapid exposures in a single sweep, using either the upright or table, tube angles ranging from 10 to 60°, and a 4-12 second sweep time. DTS imaging can be particularly useful for visualization of fine line orthopedic fractures, clearer imaging around orthopedic hardware, head & neck trauma, lung screening and or to pre-screen or rule out need for CT. All of which is especially beneficial to the patient since DTS is considerably less dose and lower cost than a CT exam.

Fujifilm's intelligent post-processing features the ability to reconstruct images at different slice thicknesses, allowing additional diagnostic visibility from the original data acquired, without re-exposing the patient.

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Designed for you and your patients

Designed for you and your patients

AcSelerate accommodates technologists and patients with fully-automated positioning and automated advanced applications.

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