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Cesium detectors provide sharp images with lower dose

Fujifilm's CsI detectors take the inherently sharp imaging capabilities of CsI to the next level with Fujifilm's patented ISS, which helps to produce higher DQE and MTF at lower doses by limiting the scatter of data within the detector capture circuitry. In typical detectors, the image is read near the base of the crystals, where they flare and are fused to adjoining crystals. With Fujifilm's ISS, readout electronics are positioned at the top points of the crystals to further sharpen data collected, capturing where signals are strongest and less diffused, and yielding sharper images at lower doses.

See how ISS technology works.

Dynamic Visualization™ for exceptional images

FDR AcSelerate incorporates the robust FDX Console, driven by Fujifilm's exceptional Dynamic Visualization. Dynamic Visualization image processing automatically recognizes the region of interest and applies the optimum image processing parameters throughout the entire exposure field, dynamically extending visibility, contrast, and window and leveling capabilities for more confident diagnosis. Additional advanced functions include:

  • Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP): Applies edge enhancement and gray scale processing to multiple frequencies, improving visibility for varying densities and foreign structures. Useful in viewing spine, skull and orthopedic hardware images
  • Flexible Noise Control (FNC): Selectively suppresses noise without loss of sharpness. Useful for pediatrics, lumbar spine and abdomen views
  • Grid Pattern Removal (GPR): Intelligently removes moirĂ© patterns caused by grids
  • Fujifilm DR to Fujifilm Synapse PACS viewing shortcuts: Applies radiologist-specific single-click processing preferences to views, significantly simplifying workflow
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Designed for you and your patients

Designed for you and your patients

AcSelerate accommodates technologists and patients with fully-automated positioning and automated advanced applications.

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