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FDR D-EVO Auto-stitching with manual capture

  • Alignment markers on the shield/stand assist software to accurately align images
  • Seamlessly stitches multiple images together using FDX Console software, which automatically recognizes specially-fixed markers
  • Motion Suppression intelligently adapts image alignment to reduce effects of patient movement between exposures

Two patented stitching stand options for FDR
D-EVO digital detectors

  • Universal Stitching Shield (rolling cart) for use with any upright chest
  • Mobile Stand with Detector Holder features a stand on wheels - no need for an upright chest stand. Easy, motorized shield adjusts to patient height, and 3 manual detector detents simplify detector locations for each exposure

Universal Stitching Shield

For use with any upright chest stand, simply position the detector and tube to capture 2 or 3 overlapping images, aligning the detector bucky to the markers for each exposure.

Mobile Stand with Detector Holder

Includes motorized detector holder - no need for upright chest stand. Easy, motorized shield adjustment to patient height, and three manual detector position detents help technologists quickly and accurately move from one exposure position to the next, perfectly aligning the overlap for the auto stitching software.

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