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Better workflows with a dedicated 17x17" panel

Fujifilm's 17x17" GOS (G43) digital x-ray detector is designed to fit standard upright and table devices to provide DR images with the maximized field of view that was traditionally only available with high-end, fixed detector systems. The G43i flat panel detector is ideal for chest and other wide field of view anatomy, upright exams, and is especially helpful for large patients. The G43's full-field size helps improve exam efficiency, simplify patient positioning and minimize repeats. FDR D-EVO is perfect for busy environments, such as ED, trauma and wherever quick image availability is critical. Improved sharpness and DQE make fine details and hairline fractures more visible and retakes due to positioning cut-off virtually a thing of the past.

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  • Ultra-lightweight: just 7.1 lbs. 20% lighter than previous models – one of the lightest 17x17 detectors in the world
  • IPX-6 water resistance rating, including removable battery
  • Durable, magnesium alloy casing
  • Hydro AG antibacterial coating. View video
  • Exceptional imaging with improved dose efficiency
  • Great for use in two-detector rooms
  • Maximized field of view, perfect for chest exams
  • Fits standard buckys and holders
  • Auto-trimming for off-center imaging
  • Extended battery life - up to 36 hrs standby time with deep sleep mode
  • Multi-charger holds up to 3 batteries
  • 17x17" cesium model also available
  • Color-coded LEDs confirm centering, connectivity, status and more
  • All FDR D-EVO II models use the same battery type and can be used corded or wireless
  • New Memory Mode allows on-demand sharing with any x-ray room or mobile
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Introducing FDR D-EVO II

Introducing FDR D-EVO II

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