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ISS and Cesium: A dynamic duo

The FDR D-EVO II 24x30cm, 14x17" and 17x17" CsI full size digital detectors produce exceptional images at low doses by combining Fujifilm's patented Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology with the inherent dose-lowering and image-sharpening properties of cesium.

View the ISS technology video.

The columnar crystal structure of CsI inherently helps produce higher DQE and MTF at lower doses by transferring light more efficiently and limiting the scatter of light within the crystal structures. In conventional CsI detectors, the image data is read at the base, or roots, of the crystals, where they have poor crystallinity and are fused to adjoining crystals. This can cause signal loss and blur. With Fujifilm's ISS technology, capture electronics are positioned at the tops of the crystals where data is strongest and sharpest, yielding exceptional image quality at lower doses.

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Introducing FDR D-EVO II

Introducing FDR D-EVO II

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