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Dependable digital detectors in the configurations you need

Fujifilm's original FDR D-EVO digital radiography (DR) detectors offer cost-effective DR without compromising speed, dose savings, image quality or flexibility. Available in six models and multiple scalable configurations, so you can select the flat panel x-ray detector that fits your needs every time. For small anatomy and exams that require lower dose, the 24x30cm CsI (C24i) produces detailed, high-resolution images with unbelievable dose efficiency. When maximum field of view is necessary, rely on Fujifilm's 17x17" digital detectors, available in cesium or gadolinium.

Fujifilm's CsI DR detectors combine the inherent dose efficiency benefits of cesium with Fujifilm's patented ISS technology to deliver ultra-sharp images with increased detail and low noise. Available in 24x30cm, 14x17" and 17x17" sizes.

Fujifilm's gadolinium digital x-ray detectors are lightweight, highly durable and cost-effective. Using Fujifilm's proprietary ISS technology, FDR D-EVO GOS detectors offer exceptional images, with high DQE that compares to the performance of conventional cesium detectors. Available in 14x17" and 17x17" sizes.

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The smart DR solution

FDR D-EVO flat panel detectors easily convert your existing x-ray equipment to DR, allowing you to continue performing everything from routine upright and table exams to cross table and just about any free-positioning exam with ease. Lightweight and slim, Fujifilm's DR detectors easily fit standard cassette holders and bucky devices with no modifications, quickly making a room DR-capable with incredible versatility and the capacity to produce exceptional images.


  • Patented ISS technology
  • Exceptional imaging with improved dose efficiency
  • Lightweight - among the lighest in the industry
  • Fits standard table and upright buckys and holders
  • Fast: 1-3 sec. preview, 8-10 sec. cycle time
  • Multi-charger holds up to 3 spare batteries
  • Auto-trimming for off-center imaging
  • Wireless models can also be used wired
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Easy on technologists

Easy on technologists

At only 6 lbs, the FDR D-EVO wired panel is easy to lift into position.

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