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The FCR Go 2 delivers the same high quality images as the rest of Fujifilm's CR systems in your enterprise. On-board the Go 2, a full-featured technologist workstation provides immediate image previews and image manipulation on its large built-in, 15" color LCD touch screen display, speeding exams and facilitating faster, more confident diagnosis. The built-in workstation includes all of the standard functionality as well as full screen image magnification/zoom, DICOM connectivity and a rugged hard drive that holds approximately 3,000 images. The FCR Go 2 additionally includes SpeedLink™ x-Ray Control Software, which automatically sets preferred dose-saving techniques according to the specific type of exam selected.

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Faster workflow, improved patient care

Faster workflow, improved patient care

The onboard technologist workstation offers the convenience of quick image display and transmission at the patient bedside.

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