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The wireless digital x-ray system so portable, it can be hand-carried!

FDR-flex portable DR is a revolutionary lightweight, wireless, digital system that makes digital radiography image quality available almost anywhere! Simply bring the three components: communication briefcase, laptop, and original FDR D-EVO panel, to an x-ray source to produce clear images with extraordinary sharpness and exceptional dose efficiency.

  • So compact and lightweight it can be hand-carried by one technologist
  • Can be used with wireless P-series or original FDR D-EVO panels for Fujifilm's renowned image quality and low dose
  • Completely wireless, battery powered
  • Automatically senses x-ray exposure
  • Fast: image previews display in just 1-2 seconds.
  • Familiar and intuitive Fujifilm console software
  • Briefcase is designed to fit into the cassette storage bin of most analog mobile x-ray units
  • Optional, replaceable bin mounting system also available for the most common analog portables

FDR-flex can be used in remote locations

FDR-flex is great for use in hospitals, clinics and remote medical environments. FDR-flex can also serve as reliable backup.

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Designed for your workflow

Designed for your workflow

The FDR-flex communication box fits into the storage bin of most analog portable x-ray units.

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