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The versatile, mobile x-ray solution

The FDR Go2-flex is your go-to portable x-ray system for productivity, image quality, dose efficiency and ultimate flexibility. Combining the familiarity and power of the FCR Go 2 mobile platform with the flexibility and exceptional image quality of the FDR D-EVO detectors, Fujifilm's Go2-flex incorporates all of the advantages of DR and CR in a single, reliable portable.

Harnessing the benefits of FDR D-EVO

The FDR Go2-flex integrates our advanced FDR D-EVO digital detectors for fast, easy digital radiography imaging. Lightweight and the same size as traditional cassettes, FDR D-EVO detectors are easy for technologists to position and comfortable for patients; designed to fit standard buckys and holders, detectors can be shared with other portables and rooms.

Use just about any FDR D-EVO wireless detector with the FDR Go2-flex for brilliant image quality and optimal efficiency: Fujifilm's Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology enables sharper details, and images display in 2-6 seconds with 9-12 second cycle times to help dramatically improve exam efficiency.

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