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The FDR Go2-flex integrates FDR D-EVO detectors with patented ISS for higher resolution images and improved dose efficiency. Fujifilm's Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology increases sharpness and DQE by reducing light scatter and blur. Fujifilm positions its thin-film transistors (TFT) at the top of the capture layer, acquiring image data where its sharpest and strongest, resulting in exceptional detail and image quality at lower doses.

See how ISS technology works.

FDR Go2-flex also features Fujifilm's latest Dynamic Visualization™ image processing, which automatically recognizes the region of interest and applies the optimum image processing parameters throughout the entire exposure field, producing exceptional images with higher detail and contrast levels, and improved window and leveling capability for diagnosis at PACS.

Additional advanced functions include:

  • Multi-Frequency Processing (MFP): Applies edge enhancement and gray scale processing to multiple frequencies, improving visibility for varying densities and foreign structures. Useful in viewing spine, skull and orthopedic hardware images
  • Flexible Noise Control (FNC): Selectively suppresses noise without loss of sharpness. Useful for pediatrics, lumbar spine and abdomen views
  • Grid Pattern Removal (GPR): Intelligently removes moirĂ© patterns caused by grids
  • SpeedLink™ x-Ray Control Software: Automatically sets preferred dose-saving techniques according to the specific type of exam selected
  • Fujifilm DR to Fujifilm Synapse PACS viewing shortcuts: Applies radiologist-specific single-click processing preferences to views, significantly simplifying workflow

The on-board, full-featured technologist console means the FDR Go2-flex provides immediate image previews, automated dose-lowering technique mapping, dose tracking and index features, in addition to a host of image manipulation and workflow tools. For instance, a double click magnification feature gives technologists the ability to better view PICC lines and identify patient movement artifacts. You can also count on fast, reliable wireless worklist updates and transmission to PACS.

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FDX Console Included

FDX Console Included

The onboard FDX Console is protected in a rugged, mobile case and allows users to preview images easily.

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