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All the tools you need in one system

Available for select products and private practice and animal health applications, the FCRView x-ray acquisition workstation combines the power to acquire images with an innovative image viewer and a comprehensive archive system. Initiate and preview exposures, process, print and archive patient data, all from one workstation.

Acquire images from FCR or FDR systems

  • Choose from a variety of customizable menu sets tailored to your specific specialty
  • Upload standard photo files to go along with your studies.

View images the way you want

  • Customize the DICOM viewer with the productivity-enhancing tools you use most frequently
  • Display images easily
  • Measure straight lines and angles
  • Reprocess images using Fujifilm's renowned collection of image processing tools
  • Compare current studies with prior studies and view up to 24 images at once
  • Optional: FCRView can be connected to an ultrasound unit

Archive studies quickly and safely

  • Send images to any DICOM destination, printer
  • Burn CD/DVD, back up onto network archiving (NAS) device
  • Send images as standard photo files (JPEGs or BMPs)
  • Create a work disk for referring physicians or to load onto another server
  • Retrieve and display information for up to 200,000 cases quickly and easily
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Big on image quality, small in size

Big on image quality, small in size

The FCR XL-2 fits in any exam room or remote office, with a height of only 32" and a footprint of less than 2.5 square feet.

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