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Designed for the way you want to work

The FDX Console is Fujifilm's latest generation technologist workstation, representing the culmination of Fujifilm's extensive experience in image and information processing. The sophisticated interface is intuitive and customizable, and enables fast, easy exam completion and image optimization.

Process patient exams in as few as 2 or 3 mouse clicks.

New features include:

  • Dynamic Visualization™ processing
  • Even fewer mouse clicks for common workflow steps
  • Worklist views with status icons and thumbnail images
  • Virtual Grid (option) – improved image quality for images acquired without a grid
  • Double click full-screen zoom
  • PICC line/edge enhancement toggle
  • Dose tracking and management tools
  • Optional 3MP secondary monitor for PACS comparable preview

The FDX Console features Dynamic Visualization, Fujifilm's latest image processing technology that automatically enhances visualization by extending visibility and maximizing recognition of contrast levels throughout the entire image. The resulting first-up images have outstanding detail and high window and leveling capability for every image captured. Learn more about Dynamic Visualization.

As with all Fujifilm DR solutions, the FDX Console is backed by one-call, 24/7/365 access to customer support.

Dose optimization features

  • Customizable menus help simplify preferred dose-saving techniques to match site preferences and DR detector performance characteristics
  • Exposure Index (EI) and Deviation Index (DI) guides and tracks technologist deviation from preferred exposure conditions for each exam
  • EI and DI values can be sent in DICOM headers, allowing facilities to monitor for dose management initiatives

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A variety of advanced yet user-friendly functions include:

  • Multi-Accession — opens multiple studies with separate accessions for the same patient in one acquisition screen.
  • Auto trimming — simplifies offset imaging, automatically detects exposure area to send just true sized cropped image, eliminating unused regions of the detector for optimal image display size at the workstation and PACS.
  • Region of Interest (ROI) image adjustment — unique 2-point ROI function that reprocesses images instantly based on user-selected points of interest.
  • Image Stitching for DR and CR (optional) — automatically combines multiple adjoining images into a single long length image for scoliosis and long leg imaging.
  • Precise Enlargement - Dual Display (optional) — provides high resolution, PACS comparable previews and enhances extended features.
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Technique Select Buttons

Detector & Connectivity Status

Connected detectors are displayed using color coded buttons. This allows the technologist to easily confirm or switch the selected device, quickly and accurately.

Status Display for FDR D-EVO

Status Display for FDR D-EVO

Icons for FDR D-EVO enable the technologist to easily confirm status, charge level, detector and network connection and more, at a simple glance.

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